Welcome to BRIDGE’s Post-School Access Map. This is a comprehensive resource with information and practical guidelines on different post-school learning pathways. The aim is to support the transition of young people from the education system into the world of work, either in employment or in entrepreneurship. The map will assist a wide range of learners to select the most appropriate learning pathway to success, including those who are in school, those already in post-school institutions, those who are not involved in any formal learning, and those who dropped out of formal programmes. The map will also assist parents, teachers and career advisors to guide learners on selecting post school learning and career pathways.

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Post-school learning pathways covered

The post-school access map describes four main learning pathways. For each pathway it provides information on the unique value and benefits, the types of qualifications and programmes, the training institutions with links to their websites, the learner target groups and entry requirements, as well as costs, sources of funding and bursaries/scholarships.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training: describing the qualifications and other learning programmes offered by public TVET and private colleges;
Work-Integrated Occupational Learning: covering programmes that prepare learners for the world of work, such as learnerships, apprenticeships, internships and other occupation-focused programmes;
Higher Education: describing the qualifications that are offered by public and private universities and universities of technology; and
Informal Skills Acquisition: covering informal learning opportunities, such as work and life experiences through which learners can prepare for the world of work or further learning.

Three other sections in the post-school access map are:
Strategies for Success: with guidelines on how to ensure success in post-school learning and avoid dropping out;
Preparing for Entrepreneurship: with guidelines and programmes to prepare learners to start and run a business; and
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): that provides answers to typical questions learners ask on post-school learning options.

Please check back here for updates on the map, or send us an email at benter@bridge.org.za if you’d like to be notified by email when the resource is launched.