BRIDGE frequently works with partners in the educational development space.  This is in line with our mission to support collaboration, between individuals, between organisations, and through partnership projects.

BRIDGE’s role often involves convening communities of practice (CoPs) and managing the knowledge generated by project activities. In addition, BRIDGE offers targeted training or support for specific focus areas in the context of a funded partnership programme.

Some examples of partnerships are:

  • In the School Leadership area, BRIDGE works with provincial education departments and project implementers on strengthening principals’ leadership and governance capacity.
  • In ECD, BRIDGE works at different levels in policy and practice, through the national and provincial CoPs, through umbrella bodies such as the National ECD Alliance (NECDA) and the Collaboration of ECD Networks (CECDN), and through consortium-based programmes such as the Project for Inclusive Education for ECCE (PIECCE).


Our short term and ongoing projects and partnerships for each year are documented in our Annual Reports (click here) and Newsletters and Updates (click here).


“Collaboration, though complex and difficult at times, offers the opportunity for richness in learning from others, not only about the subject, but about oneself and other people. It invariably leads to one’s own growth and growth in the sector.”

A PIECCE consortium member after a Collaboration Reflection session , led by BRIDGE