Effective leadership is the foundation for effective learning in schools. Leadership is shaped by a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions. These relate centrally to pedagogical and professional leadership, and to competencies associated with organisational and operational management, strategy and planning, building institutional values and building relationships with all those involved in schools and school communities.

BRIDGE is interested in the debates surrounding these many facets of leadership, as well as the different categories of leaders in schools. Leadership in schools may be shown by principals, deputies and heads of department (the school management team), as well other actors (such as district officials, governing bodies, teachers, parents) who support the learning process.

BRIDGE has a particular interest in the role of the school principal as an agent for change. BRIDGE believes in the transformative power of the principal to reshape a school, and to this end supports and capacitates school principals to harness their roles as instructional leaders, not merely organisational managers, in order to improve the basic functionality of the school.

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