Advances in ICT have dramatically changed the learning and teaching process, and a variety of devices and digital materials provide new ways for teachers and learners to find, select and process educational knowledge. Government is committed to e-learning as a strategy, as set out in the White Paper of E-education (2004) and the 2014 Action Plan. There are many dimensions to the process of introducing technology into education; these include debates on the impact of technology on pedagogical practice, on teacher and learner attitudes, and appropriate devices. In a context like South Africa where infrastructure and technological support is not widely available to all, questions around access, affordability, adequate school-based support and teacher development pose very real challenges to the dream of having all learners connected to worldwide web.

BRIDGE convenes a Community of Practice specifically for ICTs. However, learnings about both the positive potential as well as the limitations of ICTs play out in all areas, subject disciplines and stages of the education process, making this focus area a theme across the board.

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