Partnering in the Evaluative Process

TEACH South Africa (TEACH) is a non-profit organisation that aims to respond to challenges in the education sector by recruiting, training, placing and supporting young excellent graduates to improve quality in education for every child in South Africa, irrespective of their socio-economic background. One of TEACH’s funders, Stanlib, has partnered with BRIDGE to evaluate the work of TEACH Ambassadors in five primary schools

The Ambassadors, who have been addressing learner performance in Mathematics, Science and Language in traditionally disadvantaged schools, are in their schools for a two-year period.  Before their deployment to schools, TEACH  Ambassadors are provided with an intensive, accelerated course on teaching techniques, to prepare them for the rigours of a classroom and the demands of young minds.  Ambassadors are seen as making a difference to not just learner performance but also to the atmosphere in a school, as they are young and enthusiastic in their work and this is seen and felt by a range of school stakeholders.

In this project, BRIDGE has partnered with Benita Williams Evaluation Consultants (BWEC) who are experienced M&E specialists.  As part of the project, BRIDGE will be capacitating its junior staff in basic evaluation techniques so as to expand their repertoire of skills and the range of services that can be offered. One of BRIDGE’s mandates is to capacitate its entire staff, and as part of this project, our junior staff will learn basic evaluation techniques so as to expand their repertoire of skills. Initial research will begin in August and the final report to be presented to TEACH will be completed by the end of October.