LOW-FEE PRIVATE SCHOOLS International experience and South African realities

In a new report, the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) combined international insights into low-fee private (independent) schools, and new research examining the latest developments, new and emerging players, and the significance of low-fee schools’ growth in South Africa. Here, as in other developing countries, low-fee private schools are growing. CDE estimates that those charging fees below R12,000 a year are educating a quarter of a million children in disadvantaged communities.


The debate about their role in the education reform South Africa seeks is thick with ideology and thin on facts. What do we know about low-fee schools here? What can we learn from other countries? Can we find the right combination of public and private provision to ensure that more and more young South Africans have access to a good education as soon as possible?

The report includes a summary of a presentation given by Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Advisor to Pearson PLC, at an event arranged by CDE in November 2014. To download the report click the following here . To read the full press release click here.