Looking forward May/ June 2018

Looking forward to at what is happening in May? June 2018.


Date Meeting or event Topic
8 May 2018 Post-school access community of practice Mr Letshego Mokeki, Director of the Career Development Services  at Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) will share some insights on how the Departments is rolling out its career development plan and how this relates to the various policies in place .
15 May 2018 Monitoring and Evaluation Community of Practice Setting up an M&E framework: implications of timing. At this meeting, two M&E experts will share perspectives on when to incorporate M&E into a project/organisation
17 May 2018 TD CoP Reading for meaning
22 May 2018 Maths and Science Community of Practice Dr Ahmed Bawa from the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) will explain the HRDC’s purpose; some of its processes; and, in particular, what it is doing about mathematics and science education.
29 May 2018 Natal ECD Community of Practice Meeting
14 June 2018 KwaZulu Natal ECD Community of Practice Meeting
7 July Principals Upfront Dialogue Restorative justice in schools