Looking Forward May 2016

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Meeting or Event


3 May 2016 Donor Collaboration Meeting
5 May 2016 Gauteng East 2 CoP Launch
17 May 2016 Monitoring & Evaluation Colloquium Monitoring the first year of implementation of the NECT district improvement project
18 May 2016 BRIDGE Seminar with Nic Spaull Reading outcomes in SA Primary Schools
18 May 2016 Principals Upfront Doing education differently: Leadership Lessons from effective schools
19 May 2016 National ECD Community of Practice Meeting New ECD Policy: implications for practice
24 May 2016 Post-School Access Focus Group Building strong partnerships between Business and TVET Colleges
25 May 2016 Teachers Upfront Addressing the needs of the South African child
31 May 2016 Teacher Development Community of Practice Keeping young teachers in the profession: Innovative mentoring models

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