Looking Forward August 2016

See when meetings and events are taking place in August 2016

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Date Meeting or Event Topic
2 August 2016 National Early Childhood Development Community of Practice
10 August 2016      Funder Collaboration CoP
11 August 2016       Monitoring & Evaluation Colloquium Project Tracking systems of the NECT District Improvement Project
12 August 2016 Launch of new GDE CoPs
17 August 2016 Western Cape National CoP meeting
17 August 2016 Teachers Upfront Dialogue
18 August 2016   Principals Upfront Dialogue
18 August 2016        Teacher Development Community of Practice Continuous Professional Teacher Development: A Union’s Perspective
24 August 2016   Post-school access map launch Post-School Learning Pathways
30 August 2016   Maths and Science Community of Practice Massive Open Online University