Looking back October 2016

See what meetings and events have taken place over the past month.

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Date Meeting/ Event Topic
04 October 2016 Pre-service CoP The meeting took forward the discussion on acquiring funding for taking the internship programmes to the next level. It also continued its ongoing discussions on features of mentorship and internship
 11 October 2016 Post-school access CoP


Enhancing employability: What can be done to improve TVET students’ chances of finding work?


12 to 14 October 2016 St Nicholas Peer Review Peer Review of St Nicholas
13 October 2016 National ECD CoP Meeting Innovation in Early Learning
18 October 2016 SAESC meeting in Langa Cape Town Looking back… looking forward. Celebrating what we have achieved as a Coalition and looking at ways to grow the Coalition.
20 October 2016 Monitoring & Evaluation Colloquium


Systems approaches to M&E:  How do they support sustainable development?


25 October 2016 Teacher Development CoP Developing a practicum model to include a teaching school for student teacher training at the University of Johannesburg.