See what meetings and events have taken place over the past two months.

Date Meeting/Event Topic
24 January 2017 Pre-service Teacher Development CoP Updates from various Pre-service organisations and moving the CoP forward in 2017
2 February 2017 Post-school access CoP National Plan for Post-School Education and Training (NP-PSET)
08 February 2017 Teacher Development CoP Continuing challenges in implementing the ISPFTED and steps to be considered going forward
14 February 2017 Monitoring & Evaluation Colloquium Lean thinking and monitoring & evaluation practices for non-profit organisation sustainability
21 February 2017 Maths and Science CoP Closing the “achievement gap” between poor and marginalised students and everyone else in the classroom
22 February 2017 Teachers Upfront Seminar Managing Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD): Various teacher training models including face-to-face workshops, the embedded approach (on-site), train-the-trainer (distributed model), and online options are highlighted