Cross-Cutting Themes

M&E CoP Meeting Highlights 20210303

As the school year of 2021 begins, we count the cost of the learning losses experienced due to Covid-19 in 2020. The first M&E CoP of the year focused on the need for curriculum recovery and the role of M&E in support of this process.  Ursula Hoadley from UCT shared research that investigated Covid-19 impacts on schooling, and reflected on issues of concern for 2021. Henre Benson from CASME discussed examples of curriculum recovery programmes, with specific reference to the Imfundo Phambili programme. Benita Williams from Benita Williams Evaluation brought in the M&E perspective, linking different approaches to programme design and the evaluation of the Imfundo Phambili programme. Melissa King from BRIDGE presented a possible new delivery model for the M&E CoP – a result of reflections during 2020 on how the move to online meetings only in place of in-person events has changed the nature of CoP interactions. All presentations can be accessed through links in the Meeting Highlights.