Cross-Cutting Themes

Building the PIECCE Collaboration Model. January 2020

PIECCE is a multi-stakeholder collaborative project (January 2017 to March 2020), funded by the European Union, the Department of Higher Education and Training, and UNICEF, which produced a Programme Framework for a Diploma and a Degree for ECD education students at NQF Levels 6 and 7. BRIDGE played the critical role of tracking the process of collaboration between the members of the PIECCE consortium, as well as knowledge management of the outputs of the project. The monitoring of the collaboration has taken place from the beginning of the project and the insights, stories and lessons learned from the collaborative processes are documented in PIECCE Output 1, A Collaboration Process Model for Programme Development (January 2020). The aim of Output 1 is to share the Model widely with the ECCE sector, so that any future collaborations can draw on these lessons and use them for informed planning and implementation of collaborative undertakings.