Early Childhood Development(ECD)

3rd WC ECD CoP Meeting Highlights – 2022-08-25

The Western Cape ECD CoP focused on how the ECD sector could leverage the Education and Training Development Sector Authority (ETDP SETA) in order to open up more opportunities for training and development needed by current and potential members of the ECD workforce.
The overarching theme through the presentations is that there is much opportunity for networks operating in the sector to collectively apply and unlock ETDP SETA funding for the different types of grants availed by the SETA. The Sector Skills Plan was also highlighted as a major tool that needed to research and assist the sector plan based on a realistic and holistic view of early learning on the ground.
Two presentations informing participants of technological tools to support ECD  organisations took place. DGMT consulted the CoP members on an idea to create an ECD resource hub that could house useful tools and resources for practitioners working in programmes. Data Innovators spoke about their ‘Impact Board’ which is an M&E dashboard that is built for organisations working education  to consistently capture their data to better track their programme performances and enhance reporting to funders.