How much does it cost to study at a university of technology?

The fees for studying at universities of technology differ widely, and are determined mainly by the type of programme and the delivery mode. You therefore need to contact the institution where you plan to study to determine the fee for the specific programme you want to enrol for.

The fees for the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the table below give an idea of fees for 2015.

Qualification Minimum entry requirements (after meeting all statutory requirements for NC(V) 4)
Application fee
  • Application fee: R100.00
  • Fee payable on provisional acceptance: R1 850.00
  • Fee payable within two weeks of confirmation of acceptance of first year students: R450.00
  • A total of R1 700.00 will be credited to the account of the student. Should the student fail to take up his/her place, this amount will not be refunded.
  • The upfront payment for 2014, payable upon registration in January, for a day student will be R3 700.
  • The upfront payment for students staying at Residence will be R5 400 (R3 700 for tuition + R1 700 for Residence).
National Higher Certificate: Accountancy
  • Year 1: R 17 020
  • Year 2: R 16 310
National Diploma: Agricultural Management
  • Year 1: R 15 140
  • Year 2: R 18 360
  • Total for 3 years: R 35 540
Baccalaureus Technologiae (B Tech): Mechanical Engineering
  • R 19 320 for the fourth year (Depending on electives chosen)

Where can I get money to pay for my studies?

Click here for information on bursaries, loans and other ways to fund your studies.