The table below provides information on resource with information for students who want to explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

Subject Title Reference Notes
Entrepreneurship: general (South African) South African Institute for Entrepreneurship Website with a range of information on entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Magazine Website with a range of information on entrepreneurship
SME South Africa An on-line media news portal featuring SME news in SA, the region and globally
The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) SEDA is an agency of the Department of Small Business Development dedicated to supporting SMEs in South Africa
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Its mission is ‘Developing Black businesses together’
Department of Trade and Industry website promoting SME development Website with general information, including the on-line versions of Small Business Connect Newspaper
Links to other websites Ntsika; Khula; Industrial Development Corporation
BRAIN; Small Enterprise Foundation; FRAIN
Business Partners Limited; BizAssist
Tourism Enterprise Programme; Namac
Other organisations providing assistance to small businesses
Entrepreneurship: general (International) Website with a range of information on entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Insights Website with a variety of resources relevant to entrepreneurship Website with a variety of resources relevant to entrepreneurship, which includes a Resource Centre for entrepreneurs
Top 10 websites for entrepreneurs
1.; 2.;
3.; 4. HMRC; 5. Smarta;
6. StartupDonut; 7. Shell LiveWire
8. Cobweb; 9. StartupBritain
10. Stanford Technology Ventures Program
List and links to the 10 best websites on entrepreneurship
SME Toolkit
(South Africa) Toolkit for helping to start, grow and manage businesses. It includes information on Accounting & Finance, Business Planning, Marketing & Sales, HR, Legal/Insurance, Wellness@Work, etc.
SME Toolkit (Australia) SmartBizConnect, funded by the Government of New South Wales, Australia, with a Small Business Toolkit on: Starting, Running and Growing your Business, etc.
Business life cycle Small Business Development Corporation of the Government of Western Australia It covers the business life cycle covering starting, managing, growing and exiting the business
Creativity These are Creativity Tools that can be used to develop Creative Solutions to Business Problems, for example for brain storming for teams to come up with original ideas
Entrepreneurship profile General Enterprising Tendency Test (GET2) A self-assessment tool to identify entrepreneurial potential
Funding The entrepreneurs’ guide to securing funding Seed Academy has developed an electronic book to assist you in getting funding
Marketing SME South Africa Six marketing ideas to suit every budget