Helpful Resources on Quality in ECD

Reflective practice is a powerful tool for the professional development of educators. It can help practitioners deepen their understanding of their strengths and identify areas in which they need support. The ECD Quality Reflection Tool was developed by the BRIDGE ECD Community of Practice to help practitioners think about what constitutes quality in ECD more broadly, and in their own practice specifically.

BRIDGE has developed four additional resources that highlight the efficacy of this innovative tool:


  1. ECD Quality Reflection Tool Brochure

This brochure sets out the findings from the ECD Quality Reflection Toolkit pilot project conducted by BRIDGE’s ECD Community of Practice during 2016. The pilot project checked ECD practitioners’ depth of understanding with and attitudes towards some quality concepts, and looked at areas where practitioners say they need support.


  1. Impact Story: Using the ECD Quality Reflection Tool

This story shares the insights of an ECD practitioner who benefited from using the BRIDGE ECD CoP Quality Reflection Tool as a means for improved practice. In this story the practitioner describes the changes she’s experienced as a result of using the Tool, how the Tool has made her think about quality differently and how the Tool can be useful to others.


  1. Working Practice Profile: Effective leadership in an ECD Site

This working practice profile highlights key learnings for school leadership gleaned from a principal working at an ECD site. These learnings emerged from the ECD Quality Reflection Tool pilot project conducted by BRIDGE and the ECD Community of Practice in 2016.


  1. Quality ECD in Different Contexts

The ECD Quality Reflection pilot project conducted by BRIDGE and the ECD Community of Practice reveals some interesting findings and reflections by ECD Practitioners working in different environments. This knowledge product unpacks how practitioners working in three diverse ECD sites have found creative ways of overcoming contextual constraints to provide quality ECD services to the children in their care.