Rationale and Purpose

There are a variety of organisations providing development and learning opportunities for new and experienced educators in the Western Cape. Helping teachers find solutions to the challenges they face and improving their pedagogical practice is vital to developing an effective teaching force in the country.

The depth and scope of support provided to teachers is sometimes difficult to quantify and, therefore, to replicate. This group of stakeholders have taken it upon themselves to understand the nature of work taking place in the Western Cape and find ways to build on this work collaboratively, for greater impact.

PIC - Western Cape CoP Teacher Development

Key Activities

The Teacher Professional Development focus group meets under the leadership of Western Cape Primary Science Programme director Ms Zorina Dharsey.  The community meets once every six weeks between February and November. The group collates lessons learned, actively seeks opportunities for collaboration among group members and those outside the group who can make sound contributions to the teacher development space. Member of the community also find pertinent research and discuss the implications for practice.

The group has invited subject matter experts from higher education institutions to present on topics such as the practical implications of the CAPS curriculum, and issues relating to professional development points.

Link to the BRIDGE Knowledge Hub for the work products from this community


The Western Cape community of practice for Teacher Development was created in 2010. This area has received a great deal of support from members of BRIDGE’s Cape Town communities over the years. Periodically a colloquium of all members of the BRIDGE communities in the Western Cape is held to review the relevance of the communities running in the region. Teacher Development has consistently featured on the Western Cape meeting schedule.

If you are interested in joining this Community of Practice and collaborating with people involved in teacher development, contact info@bridge.org.za for more information.


The BRIDGE meetings provide a great reflection space and our group is committed to building active collaborations based on our interactions.

Zorina Dharsey, Western Cape Primary Science Programme