COMMUNITY HEART N SOUL is an initiative we wish to undertake in the community of Actonville.
The standard of living has deteriorated n some socio economic problems have escalated resulting in a diminished quality of life. Yet the stalwarts of the same community have produced professionals n skilled workers over the years through its schooling in and among the 5 schools in Actonville.
The identified areas of need are
*grief counselling
* debt counselling
* drug n alcohol abuse
*domestic abuse
*debt counselling
*career guidance
*health risk/ diseases heart, stroke, diabetes *how to beat stress *effective study skills *a goal driven youth *bullying/peer pressure *parenting skills *nutrition guidance *senior citizens debrief *HIV/Aids counselling *start a small business

This project will be undertaken for a day.
19 Sept 2015. 8.30 to 15.00.
All classrooms will be utilised for Therapists, Counsellors n Talks.
The entire community will be invited as well as secondary school learners.
The topics warrant individual n group sessions which will be ongoing.
Blood bank camps n centres to allow for pressure checks etc will be arranged.
Advertising will be vigorous.
We urge you as individuals n community organisations to invest your skills n talents in this one day programme.
I met my parent population today n there was a fervent call to help uplift the community.
All visitors will receive a fruit n juice or biscuits after a visit.
Therapist n community volunteers wil have a tea break n a lunch break n sponsors will be sought for these refreshments.
Help make a difference to “Build a Nation”.

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