BRIDGE Launches a Provincial ECD Community of Practice in KwaZulu Natal

In order to promote improved coordination and the sharing of knowledge at both national and provincial levels, BRIDGE convened the first provincial ECD Community of Practice (ECD CoP) in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) on 24 April 2017. The purpose of the KZN ECD CoP is to provide a platform for ECD stakeholders based in KZN to connect, share, collaborate and innovate to advance ECD. The meeting involved 25 diverse ECD stakeholders, including ECD practitioners, centre managers, trainers, government officials, donors and researchers.

ECD 2 042017

The KZN ECD CoP will be championed and facilitated by the Director of New Beginnings Training and Development Organisation, Patsy Pillay. Given Patsy’s vast experience in ECD and her knowledge of the ECD landscape in KZN, she is the ideal person to drive the CoP.


The purpose of the meeting was to:

– Introduce BRIDGE and share more about the National ECD CoP;

– define the need for collaboration in KZN;

– discuss what role the CoP can play in strengthening ECD in the province; and to

– plot a way forward for the KZN ECD CoP.

ECD 3 042017

The meeting attendees affirmed that the CoP would be a valuable space for ECD stakeholders in the province to share information, showcase working practice and keep updated with developments in the sector. Members also agreed that there would be a dual exchange of knowledge between the ECD CoP at a national and provincial level. The meeting closed with positive reflections by attendees who used the following words to describe how they felt about the launch of the KZN CoP: excited, informed, hopeful, connected, sharing is caring, revived, inspired, re-invigorated and team spirit.

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