BRIDGE Celebrates 10 years of Collaboration

BRIDGE celebrated ten years of collaborative learning in education with over 100 BRIDGE friends (including community of practice members, funders and founders) in a multi-faceted event held at UJ’s School of Hospitality on 20th of September 2019. The afternoon included a review of the BRIDGE journey since its inception, messages of support from those who could not be there, and some personal reflections from CoP members on what their participation has meant to them. The LEAP 4 school choir gave us positive energy through song and movement. The more serious element of the day was a panel discussion on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),  in which panellists reflected on the country’s progress towards achievement of these interrelated goals from their own educational contexts and perspectives.


To see Shafika Isaac’s presentation click here; to see Mary Metcalfe’s presentation click here.

One of our CoP members shared his experiences in the M&E Community of Practice:


“For me, it has been an affirming space where I can recognise something of myself in the other faces around the room. When I began my journey into M&E, it felt like I was walking alone, in the dark – but it was at the BRIDGE M&E CoP that I found others. Together, we kindled a fire. Together, we lit the darkness around us. Sometimes the faces around the fire shifted, but the breath from each of us kept the fire burning. I am grateful for that. We are grateful for BRIDGE.”

– Cullen Mackenzie, M&E CoP Member


BRIDGE staff hosted an exhibition of our knowledge products and CoP achievements, enabling some attendees to ‘cross the floor’ from their own specialised interest areas into understanding what BRIDGE does in all five of its focus areas. The celebration ended with lively conversations over food and drink.