Principals Upfront explores the school dropout crisis

The first Principals Upfront Dialogue of 2022 focused on deepening understanding of the crisis of school dropout and its causes, and shared strategies and resources to identify and support at-risk learners and strengthen parent-school communication. Rahima Essop of the DG Murray Trust’s Zero Dropout Campaign unpacked some of the many push and pull factors that make […]

Principals Upfront Meeting Highlights 18 August 2021

The 17th Principals Upfront dialogue explored the utility of adaptive leadership in times of crisis. Dr Brian Chinsamy (Trustee of the Early Care Foundation) gave an overview of current circumstances, the place of adaptive leadership in addressing the “new normal” and how leaders can use self-care to cultivate the kind of resilience that will help […]

Principals Upfront Meeting Highlights

Dialogue 16, held on 14 April 2021, explored the challenges that arose during the 2020 school year, some key interventions to mitigate these challenges, the lessons that emerged, and how these lessons can be harnessed to build a more relevant and equitable education system.

Principals Upfront Meeting Highlights

A Dialogue on school safety which outlined The National School Safety Framework. The dialogue looked at aspects of the CIE’s Building Peaceful Schools programme by highlighting the role of the school safety committee and exploring some strategies to develop a school climate based on respectful relationships which are underpinned by restorative practices.

Principals Upfront Webinar – Meeting Highlights

This Principals Upfront webinar held on 22 July, 2020, explored how technology is enabling the GDE and school management teams (SMTs) to manage the system and provide sustainable remote learning to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on education and schooling – and to develop the competencies needed to move education forward into the 21st […]

Principals Upfront Meeting Highlights

How are schools and districts using data to drive learner improvement? This was the theme of the first Principals Upfront dialogue of 2020. Noluthando Mqakelana of New Leaders Foundation discussed the value of data to school leaders, and a panel comprising a Principal, an HoD and a Circuit Manager shared their insights and experiences relating […]