Vuyiswa Ncontsa is the Chief Executive Officer at BRIDGE. She is responsible for oversight and delivery of BRIDGE work, growth and strategic direction of BRIDGE, business development, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, communications and marketing. Vuyiswa has extensive education experience, gained from the private and NPO sectors, specifically in governance strengthening, grantmaking, project and programme management. She joined BRIDGE on 1 September 2016.

Kaley Le Mottee is the Project Manager for BRIDGE’s Early Childhood Development focus area. She is responsible for the administration, implementation and development of BRIDGE’s ECD related programmes. Her work includes consultation and networking as she organises and facilitates collaboration between stakeholders. Kaley is committed to working in the NGO sector with a focus on systemic change. She joined BRIDGE in April 2013.

Melissa King is an education consultant who works with BRIDGE in the area of knowledge management, helping distil learnings from BRIDGE’s collaborative work. She has been a teacher, facilitator, writer and researcher across different sectors of education and training, including schooling, adult basic education, technical and vocational education and training and skills development for the workplace. Areas of expertise include curriculum, assessment and English language learning and teaching. She joined BRIDGE in August 2014.

Craig Johnson is the communications/strategic information officer for BRIDGE, as well as being a registered Industrial Psychologist. Craig focuses on monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of BRIDGE, working with Project Managers & Knowledge Managers to implement effective systems for creating and implementing effective knowledge management, as well as creating and maintaining effective and efficient strategies and systems for communication. He has been part of the team since February 2015.

Benter Okelo is the Senior Project Manager for BRIDGE’s Learner Support: Maths and Science Community of Practice and the Teachers Upfront Seminars. She is responsible for coordination, administration as well as Knowledge Management of these projects. Benter has more than 12 years work experience within the public and development sector in Southern Africa, where her roles have cut across from programme implementation, project management and operations management. She joined BRIDGE in July 2015.

Ongeziwe Nxokwana is Project Co-ordinator at BRIDGE. She is responsible for the logistics for the Principals CoP’s, provides admin support to the Project Managers, organises speakers for the radio show on the Leadership Platform and provides general support around the office. She joined the BRIDGE team in February 2016.




Sarah Lubala is the Knowledge Manager at BRIDGE. She is responsible for capturing, developing, distilling and sharing the knowledge that emerges from BRIDGE’s social networks and learning communities. Sarah has an academic background in Development Studies and is interested in the intersection of race, class, and gender in higher education. She joined the BRIDGE team in February 2016.

Hassiena Marriott is the Project Manager for BRIDGE’s Teacher Development programme which includes managing the Teacher Upfront Seminars, Teacher Development Community of Practice, the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition and the Pre-Service Community of Practice. Hassiena has taught for 20 years and she is passionate about helping teachers to collaborate in order to learn from each other. She joined BRIDGE in August 2016.

Patience Voller is the Senior Project Manager for BRIDGE’s School leadership programme, which includes managing the Principal’s Communities of Practice and the Principals Upfront Dialogue Series. She has worked as a project manager, project implementer, facilitator and mentor in Systemic School Improvement Projects in the NPO sector over the last 7 years. Prior to that Patience was a high school English teacher. She joined the Bridge team in October 2016.



I’m so impressed with the competency, high standards and quiet service you and your team always bring to the coalition.

Margurite Callaway, Callaway Leadership Institute