Principals Upfront “A school where I belong”

BRIDGE is part of a partnership with the Catholic Institute in Education, Sasol Global Foundation, Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance and the Wits School of Governance. The aim of the partnership is to run Principals Upfront, a series of public dialogues addressing the leadership role of school principals and giving principals a voice […]

Principals Upfront – Overcoming bullying to create safer learning environments

The CJCP’s National School Violence Study shows that 15.3% of children at primary and secondary schools have experienced some form of violence while at school, most commonly threats of violence, assaults and robbery. This issue was the focus of the first Principals Upfront seminar of year on 15 March 2018 at the Matthew Goniwe School […]

Principals Upfront Dialogue Series – Launch of school leadership guide

Principals Upfront provides a platform for school leaders to share working practice and vital information about different facets of school leadership. It also allows those involved in supporting school leadership to develop a deeper understanding of the role that principals play. The third Principals Upfront Dialogue of 2017, held at Sasol Place, Sandton, was no […]

Principals Upfront Dialogue 5: Instructional Leadership: What are the challenges of Leading for Change?

Dialogue 5 of the Principals Upfront Dialogue Series focused on “Instructional Leadership: What are the challenges of Leading for Change?” Barbara Dale-Jones reported on recent research into the education sector that explored ways of supporting school leadership to unlock positive change, while principals Lindelwa Mbingeleli of Thoko-Thaba High School, Pule Kgaratsi of Sandown High School […]